Citroen 11CV (Traction Avant)

Citroen 11CV (Traction Avant)

‘The Sound of Music’ starring Julie Andrews is a true story by Maria von Trapp.

At the last scene, Nazi guards try to catch the von Trapps. The family escapes to the convent’s car, a Traction Avant, speeds off towards the mountains.
Nazis guards hear a car racing away and rush out to their vehicles, Horch, German cars, but they can not get them to start.
The sisters exhibit vital car parts from under their robes. Practically it is only 11CV which is faster than German cars, Horch at that time.
That’s why it must be a Traction Avant.
The von Trapps are last seen climbing the Austrian mountains to freedom in Switzerland,

We spent 60 years after the war.

Traction Avant, 11CV might be a symbol of world peace and a trace of the world war.

Photo by AB.