Classic and sports car tax

We have no special treatment for classic and sports car, in particular tax or insurance systems in Japan.
We present you some situations in Europe.
Please advise us, if you have an acquantance with it.
From Swiss….
The Legal Swiss situation with classic cars plates is the following:
1. There is on goverment state level a Law for Classic Cars:
The most important is the fact that a by law a classic car is any car which is
– in very good condition and
– more than 30 years old.
It thus has to:
– go to technical controll every 6 years ( compared to second hand cars which goes every two years ).
– be only be driven about 2000 miles per year.
And the owner of at least three classic cars can apply for
– only one single collectors license plate which he can fix on any of his classic cars, but which means that he can only use one at the same time.
2. On county level the application of the law is somewhat different, in the sense that:
– the maximum cars allowed on the single collectors license plate goes from 8 up to 20 cars…depending on which county you live.
– the road tax is only charged on the car with the biggest engine capacity, and varies from one county to another ( for example. 7 Lt capacity USD 400.- up to 800.- ). This is tipycally Swiss as even revenue taxes are very different from one county to the other.
This situation comes from the fact that in Switzerland it is the license plate which incorporates the tax and insurance. The police gives you a license plate for any car only when it has passed the technical test and you have paid the insurance. On the other way if you had any big problem on the road the polices comes to take you license plate.
In France for example it is different as you can have a plate on you car even if you do not use it. If you use it you have to pass through technical test, tey give you a sticker if you succeed, the same for road tax, and for insurance: a sticker if you pay. So tthe screen of you car is full of stickers and if the Frensh police controlls anybody they allways look for stickers …
The Swiss insurance for the collectors license plate is only charged for the engine with the bigger capacity, again because you can only use one car at the same time, and the prices are realistic as there is a big competition among insurances ( about 350.- USd per year for the minimum cover ).
From France…
In France we do pay when we register an old car, once
and for all, depending on the power (or engine capacity) of the car, but
twice less than for a new car (about Yen 50,000 for a modern Honda Legend
for example, but only 25,000 if it is more than 10 years old). Then every
two years, we pay for a technical test about Yen 5000 (modern or old cars
the same). To drive them on the road, you must take an insurance. If it is
more than 25 years old, the cost is about Yen 10,000 /12,000 per year for
one car, Yen 16,000 for two cars, Yen 20,000 for three cars or more (this is
for minimum legal insurance, theft or damage are extra, of course).