I was in the Pre65 Scottish Trial 2006 with my Honda CS90, manufactured in 1964.
CS90 is called “S90” in Europe.

Not only British motor cycles but also so many manufactures, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Czech gathering from all over Europe.

Some of those motos had not been in the then SSDT before 1965.

It is for Europeans not for Japanese. So I entered it as a member of French team, RTLR Club Europe.

Fortunately, it was fine during the both two days. I finished the Pre65 with my CS being muddy from head to foot.

Every rider was in all seriousness, and me too. Although I made a lot of 5s, I enjoyed riding.

On the 2nd day, I climbed up the Pipe Line to the end !! It made me so happy.

I deeply appreciate my family, all of my friends who supported me, officials and organisers, and all the spectators cheered me at the both sides of sections.

I am sure I will come back here again.

Text by Kojiro Mori


My CS and me.
Photo by Jean Callou


With Mich Andrews.
Photo by Jean Caillou


With Ben.
Photo by Sugitani